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All of us know that the death of a loved one is an unfortunate event and that every one of us will experience it at some point in our lives. During this time of distress, the last thing we want to think about is making all of the decisions surrounding the death of that that loved one and incurring the costs that come with those decisions. 

The decision to prearrange your cemetery and funeral needs is one that shows your love and care for your relatives and friends.The fact is that you only have two choices when it comes to pre-arrangement. You can pr-arrange your family estate before the time of need comes or you can wait until death forces you to make arrangements. There are many benefits to pre-planning not limited to the ones listed below.

Please feel free to contact us for your pre-arrangement counseling. You  can reach us by using any of the methods listed on our Contact page or the information below.


A husband and wife can share their choices and decide together, therefore saving loved ones heartache, expense and inconvenience at the time of death.


On a prearrangement basis, a family burial estate can be selected by all family members, thus guaranteeing everyone's satisfaction. 


Based on the last seven decades, we know the cost of cemetery and funeral arrangements will continue to increase. Prearrangement allows the costs to be frozen at today's prices. 

Conserving Insurance

Life insurance is for the living, not the deceased. Most life insurance is purchased to allow a family time to adjust to the loss of income that a death causes. If prearrangements are not made, a large amount of insurance proceeds can be spent on cemetery and funeral items adding financial burdens to loved ones left behind.


Burial and memorialization costs are expenses every individual must plan to pay. These needs can be met today out of current income through budget payments. Payment at the time of death is traditionally made on a cash basis. 

Peace of Mind

When a death occurs in any family or among friends, the grief is tremendous and the healing time sometimes very long. Prearrangement will have a positive impact on your family and friends simply because you have made your own decision. This peace of mind provides benefits far beyond the dollars spent. 

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45 Things That Must be Done by the Survivor

A) Secure Vital Statistics (Required for burial permit)

     1. Name, home address and phone number

     2. Length of time in state

     3. Name of business, address and phone number

     4. Occupation and title

     5. Social Security Number

     6. War Veteran's Serial Number

     7. Date of Birth

     8. Place of Birth

     9. U.S. Citizen

     10. Father's Name

     11. Mother's Name

     12. Mother's Maiden Name

     13. Mother's birthplace

     14. Religious Name (if any)

B) Pay some or all of the following:

     15. Family Burial estate

     16. Memorials

     17. Funeral Director

     18. Interment Service

     19. Clergy

     20. Florist

     21. Clothing 

     22. Transportation

     23. Hospitals and ambulance

     24. Medicine

     25. Other current bills (mortgage, taxes)

C) Decide and Arrange Within a Few Hours 

     26. Burial Location and Which grave to open

     27. Memorial Type

     28. Casket Type

     29. Vault or Crypt

     30. Type of Service

     31. Special Selection from Scriptures

     32. Clergy to Officiate

     33. Funeral Home

     34. Day and Time for Service

D) Collect Important Documents

     35. Will

     36. Birth Certificate

     37. Social Security Card

     38. Marriage License

     39. Insurance Policies

     40. Bank Books

     41. Deeds to Property

     42. Tax Returns

     43. Disability Claims

     44. Grave Certificate of Ownership

     45. Military Discharge Documents

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